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More Heart Than Talent
e-Learning with Jeff Combs

This course is designed to support anyone who is an entrepreneur in free enterprise. Jeff's information will assist both seasoned business owners and those who are just getting started in a new business venture. This information breaks down the difference between talent, which we all have to some degree, and heart, which is making a conscious choice to live an exceptional life rather than an average one.

Heart is what separates the average from the exceptional and heart beats talent every time. Show me a man or woman with heart and I'll show you a way to overcome someone else's talent. Unfortunately, not many people really get outside their talent, instead they hide behind it and they stay in it. They stay in their ego; afraid to reach their human potential; afraid to risk and be vulnerable; afraid to become the person they really deserve to be

More Heart Than Talent will cover leadership, qualities and examples of effective leaders, how to change your perception of failure, overcoming adversity, emotional resilience, and how learning to connect from your heart will change your prospecting results.

This course will be offered online and will take approximately one hour to complete. You may test yourself at anytime to confirm your understanding of the material.

Objectives or Benefits

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify Your 5 Greatest Talents, 5 Greatest Skills, and 5 Qualities of Heart
  • Understand Why You Do What You Do
  • Develop Emotional Resilience - Get Off the Emotional Roller Coaster!
  • Glide through Adversity
  • Become a Goal Getter, not a Goal Setter

Course Design Plan

This course is comprehensive and each session will build on the principles introduced from the first class foreword. Each class will be approximately one hour in length, and is available online in both Power Point and Audio format. Participants will have an opportunity to email their questions during the presentation, to be answered during a Q & A session which will occupy the past 5 - 10 minutes of each class.

Individual topics will include:

Identifying your 5 greatest talents, 5 greatest skills, and 5 qualities of heart, beginning to understand why you do what you do, how to develop emotional resilience, how to turn challenges into triumphs and glide through adversity, and the skills necessary to become a goal getter, not a goal setter. These topics will assist you to start focusing on producing the results you desire in your enterprise and allow you to experience quantum leaps in the growth of your personal development as well as your business.

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This is a self-paced, e-learning course including audio and slides. This class is approximately an hour in length.

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