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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the app?

The Networking Times app is available on Apple App store, Google Play and Amazon Kindle. Please click the icons above to go to the store.

Which devices are compatible?

All iOS devices that support OS 8+, the Amazon Kindle Fire (all expect the first generation, and wide range of Android devices.

Can I share my subscription across other devices?

You can share your subscription on up to 5 devices using the same Apple, Google Wallet or Amazon account. Sharing is not possible across digital platforms. Print subscribers can sign in cross platform.

How do I view the magazines?

Once you open the app, simple tap on the magazine’s cover to start reading it instantly. You can swipe through pages, or scroll down to reveal more content. You can also click on specific topics/articles from the contents page to access the page you want directly.

How do I access the archives?

Once you sign in with a valid subscription, you can access the back-issue library. Pinch in with two fingers to display the archive.

Can I read magazines offline?

Yes! Just download your magazine before going offline and read anytime, anywhere.

How do I discover interesting articles?

Keep the notifications on in the app and receive real-time updates when new articles are posted on the Networking Times blog, or for announcements on special features or sneak previews.

Are there any bonus features?

We are working on including videos, additional web content, and digital extras not available in print, to the app. Notifications will be sent once these features are available.

Is subscription to the Networking Times app available outside the U.S. / internationally?

Yes, you can subscribe to Networking Times from anywhere in the world. Please visit for special subscription offers not available on the app store.

For FAQs relating to specific devices and to answer basic trouble shooting questions, please click below.

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Get the FREE Networking Times App Now!

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